About the project

Project Date

Completed in October 2017


41 Niagara Street
Hamilton, ON
L8L 6A3

Scope of Work

Re-coating of metal roof, approximately 4,000 square feet.

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Other Services

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Residential Shingles

At Gentech we provide a complete inspection service to allow home owners to become more familiar with their roof enabling them to make informed decisions when choosing their contractor. [...]

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4-Ply Built-Up Roofing

Built-up roofing systems (BUR) consist of multiple layers of roofing felt, secured with layers of hot tar, and topped with a layer of crushed stone. This is one of the oldest and most durable reliable systems available. [...]

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2-Ply Modified Bitumen

Modified SBS bituminous systems combine the advantages of built-up roofing with a single-ply system. This system has the benefits of BUR, along with added strength, flexibility and excellent weather resistance. [...]

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Single-Ply  TPO/PVC/EPDM

TPO, EPDM, and PVC are the three most common types of single-ply membrane systems. This is by far the most common synthetic rubber roofing option, and has been used since the early 1970’s. [...]

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Re-Roofing / Roof Replacement

Roof replacement is appropriate for roofs that can no longer be repaired. A roof lifespan is approximately 20 years if well-built and maintained. Replacement is usually the last option when it is no longer economical to service the roof. [...]

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Emergency Service / Maintenance

When you have water pouring in on your production line or streaming in over your inventory, leave it to the professionals at Gentech to stop the leak, so you can get back to what’s important. [...]

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Inspection Services / Roof Reports

A leaking roof can have serious consequences if left unattended. We provide a complete inspection service to allow owners and managers to become more familiar with their roofing systems, enabling them to make intelligent decisions at budget time. [...]

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Aerial Drone Inspections

Get a detailed inspection of your roof with our new drone technology. Our estimators can easily determine the condition of your roof with our 4K HD quality Drone camera system. [...]

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Infrared Thermal Scans

Infrared real time imaging is a proven method for identifying and defining moisture problems in a flat roof. [...]

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